Duromastic BE-3

Price: $78.00 (Inc. GST and Freight)

Duromastic BE-3 bitumen emulsion is a single-pack, non-fibrated, stable water-borne Flintkote emulsion which cures to form a firm and flexible, non-toxic bitumen waterproofing membrane. Suitable for potable water containment in troughs and tanks. 

Duromastic BE-3 is designed for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

Duromastic BE-3 (formerly Flintkote Type 3 in New Zealand) is suitable for use as a waterproof membrane on concrete, asbestos cement, roofing felt, mastic asphalt, slates, tiles and metal surfaces.


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  • Easy to apply by brush, trowel and sprayer.
  • Forms a seamless and lap free membrane over the substrate.
  • Water-based and non-toxic.
  • Cures to form a flexible resilient waterproofing barrier over a wide range of temperatures.
  • No flow or sagging of the film at elevated temperatures even on vertical surfaces.
  • Excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate prevents lateral migration of water underneath.
  • Can be applied to damp surface without standing water such as green concrete surfaces.



Typical applications  include concrete roofs, asbestos cement roofing, exposed metal roofs, rejuvenation of asphalt roofs, retaining walls, external concrete walls, above grade floor slabs, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and planter boxes.  Also suitable for use as a non-toxic lining to water tanks.


Provides a vapour barrier for cold storage rooms, mushroom houses and similar installations. Suitable for application in food stores.

Metal Protection

As a protective coating against corrosion of pipes, structural steelworks and other metallic equipment.

Timber End Protection

To seal the freshly cut timber surface to prevent excessive loss of water through the tree wounds.


Reinforce using Chopped Strand fibreglass mat or Sontara polyester cloth. (See under waterproofing).