Duromastic EP Hibuild

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It is important that you get an accurate measurement of the floor area.

Duromastic EP Hibuild is a waterbased epoxy coating specially designed for sealing damp concrete floors and walls. It will withstand very high levels of hydrostatic pressure.

Duromastic EP Hibuild may be applied to a damp concrete surface prior to laying carpet to protect the carpet from rising damp.

Duromastic EP Hibuild is also used to prime concrete and fibre cement sheet prior to applying Duromastic Bitumen and Acrylic paint systems.

Duromastic EP Hibuild is ideal as a primer paint for butynol roofing. When used as a primer for butynol decks and balcony roofs, it should then be overcoated with a suitable acrylic roof paint.  

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  • Two-pack non-toxic epoxy, easy to mix
  • Withstands the forces of rising damp
  • Thixotropic to ensure minimal sag while curing
  • Can be applied in heavy coats on vertical surfaces
  • May be applied to damp concrete
  • Fast setting


  • Moisture barrier on damp walls and floors
  • Sealing damp floors prior to carpet or tile overlays
  • Basements and Underground car parks
  • Primer for Duromastic Bitumen waterproofing in Tanks & Reservoirs
  • Overcoat with Epotread G31 gloss for hardwearing interior walls 


May be reinforced using Chopped Strand fibreglass mat or Sontara polyester cloth. (See under waterproofing).

The coverage rate of Duromastic EP Hibuild is typically about 5sqm / litre, per coat. But obviously this rate can vary in some situations. Very porous concrete such as concrete block walls will tend require a heavier rate of application than surfaces which are smooth.

Coverage rate of Duromastic EP Hibuild (per coat) ranges between 4 - 10 sqm/litre.  

Apply by brush or roller. For concrete block walls, use a 20-30mm roller sleeve, designed for rough surfaces. For smooth surfaces, use a 12mm roller (semi-rough).  Use a new roller sleeve each day.  



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