"I just want to say thanks again for selling us the Epotread 1000 Semi Gloss paint 1 year ago. In my 36 year of Automotive work, and 19 years of business ownership, this is by far the best floor paint ever. It's a testament to 12 months of hard work under 4 mechanics. Plus it’s had copious amounts of chemicals spilt on it many times, yet it has not blistered, not even once. This product is second to none for quality, affordability and ease of application."

- Forlong’s Automotive

"Simple and easy, these guys are great to deal with and will assist you in any way they can. Recommend to all, thanks."

- Toni Wood

"It has been 18 months now since we have painted our floors with your Epotread 1000 Grey No 6. It is withstanding the day to day duties of our workshop beyond our expectation. It has made the interior brighter & has lowered our daily power consumption.
Maintenance is very easy & it's easy to keep clean."

- Peter King, Workshop manager

"Last year we covered the pit floor of our cowshed with Epotread SL250. We found the product very easy to apply. It dried to a great finish. It has remained non slip and easy clean. There has been numerous comments on how good it looks and enquires on how to obtain the product. Highly recommended."

- Mick and Jess Annan

"We have had various sections of our workshop floor painted using the Epotread 1000 product over the years and it has proven itself to be tough and durable with the added bonus of making the area lighter visually and easier to illuminate. Based on our experience with Epotread 1000 I can certainly recommend both the product and Regis Coatings."

- Greg Barnard, Service Manager, Team Hutchinson Ford

"After many years of trying 4 other coatings, I used the Duromastic EP Hibuild epoxy sealer on my basement floor, 2 weeks later we had 300mm of rain over a few days. This is first time in 25 years we've had NO moisture in our basement! Duromastic EP Hibuild is an amazing product. Regards, Tim "

- Tim - Coromandel resident.

"I am pleased to let you know that I have received very good feedback on the Epotread 1000 coating applied at our airport workshop floor and I understand that it is lasting longer than any other product we have trialled so I think we can settle on Epotread as our standard!"

- Tyre workshop manager - Auckland Airport