Cretex MS floor joint sealant

Price: $39.80 (Inc. GST and Freight)

Expansion Joint Sealant

Cretex MS is a fast curing, chemical resistant filling compound for floor expansion joints and saw-cuts.

Cretex MS is a high modulus sealant, is paintable and compatible with the Epotread 1000 epoxy floor coating.


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  • Single component 
  • Accomodates normal floor joint movement
  • Withstands vehicle traffic
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, steel and timber
  • Excellent adhesion on most construction material - concrete, brick, wood, aluminium, iron, stainless steel, copper and various plastics
  • Good output even at low temperatures
  • Does not slump in vertical joints
  • Excellent characteristics, great hardness
  • Environment friendly: contains no solvents, isocyanate and silicones
  • Totally chemically neutral and odourless
  • Can be painted with most paints
  • Shrinkage lower than 1%
  • Resistant to various atmospheric conditions and aging, also UV resistant
  • Chemical resistance: Good to Water, aliphatic solvents, mineral oils, fat, low concentration inorganic acids and bases. Not resistant to Aromatic solvents, concentrated acids, chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Floor joints 
  • Concrete saw cuts
  • Active floor cracks
  • Seismic Joints
  • Panel joints


Air Operated and Manual applicator guns available

For the optimal elastic characteristics of the sealant, a correct width/depth ratio is important (2:1) or a maximum of 1:1. The sealant must not grip the bottom of the joint, but only its sides. We can achieve this with the use of underlying materials, onto which the sealant has no adhesion (PEF Rod, foamed polyethylene, polyurethane). The minimum joint width is 3 mm, the maximum 20 mm.


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