Roof Coatings

Looking for a superior long lasting industrial roof coating? Gilsonite Aluminium roof paint has been in New Zealand since 1950 and is still the best protective coating for iron and bitumen roof surfaces.
Along with the Duromastic range of coatings, Regis offer you some seriously practical and effective 'old style' coating solutions for rusty industrial roofing, flat roofing and concrete roof and wall waterproofing.

Regis Coatings supply a wide range of building maintenance products which include clear epoxy resin, concrete repair epoxy and  two pack epoxy paint across the construction industry in New Zealand

Regis Coatings products are developed for many areas such as factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars and garage floors. Our products are environmentally friendly and are ideal for both commercial and DIY applications.

Our concrete epoxy repair compounds are fast curing and are paintable and compatible with our industrial epoxy floor paint. You can purchase epoxy products online to suit your desired finish. We stock semi-gloss, full gloss and clear epoxy resin in New Zealand.

Our industrial strength epoxy floor paint for concrete are manufactured in New Zealand and maintain high standards at a competitive price.

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We are a reliable, NZ owned and operated supplier of epoxy products online. Order today or contact us with any enquiries, we can provide you with practical knowledge and tips.

Buy waterproof paint online in New Zealand

Regis Coatings are market leaders in manufacturing and supplying waterproof paint for concrete in New Zealand. Use waterproof epoxy paint and membrane paint for any tile bathroom project.

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