Cretex Fairing Cream

Price: $48.00 (Inc. GST and Freight)

Smooth epoxy filler

Cretex fairing cream is an epoxy lightweight sandable filler for filling small imperfections in floors and walls.

Cretex fairing cream is supplied as 2 components (Part A and Part B) that need to be mixed together in equal ratio. This epoxy floor filler is best used between the first and second coat of Epotread 1000. It can be sanded with an orbital sander after 24 hours. 

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  • Epoxy hardness & adhesion
  • Easy to apply with spatula
  • 1:1 Mix ratio
  • Sands or grinds well
  • Small particle size allows for fine filling
  • Apply Epotread over before cured
  • Hole filling
  • Superficial crack filling
  • Screw and nail holes
  • Smoothing and sanding