Regis Coatings for practical epoxy resin coating solutions. Our products are available across New Zealand including Auckland and Wellington

At Regis Coatings our continued product development in epoxy resin and concrete sealers is based on decades of on-site experience, therefore offering helpful practical advice and delivering economical solutions to fulfill the varied needs of our customers.

A commitment to keeping right up with "state of the art" technology, places Regis Coatings as the market leader in epoxy resins for sale online in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and across New Zealand.

The resins and ingredients used in our coatings and fillers are sourced from leading manufacturers globally. Our product range has been thoroughly proven in our unique New Zealand environment as attested to by numerous users.

Number One Manufacturer

Have the reassurance you are dealing direct with the manufacturer, with a facility equipped with the latest technology. We are 100% NZ owned and operated and are able to tailor formulae to suit your specific needs.

Our registered trademarks include – EPOTREAD, CRETEX and DUROMASTIC, each of which has a range of product under that brand such as epoxy resins, two pack epoxy paint and waterproof epoxy paint. In addition there are stocks of supplementary and application supplies - thus to carry out work such as floor coating a "one stop shop" service – from start to finish - is available - including floor grinding, Shot blasting cleaning, etching, filling of damaged concrete or eroded substrates and coating.

Number One for Quality

All Regis Coatings products are manufactured and sourced to a stringent quality control system.

Key Regis Coatings products undergo constant tests to improve the formulations to increase the performance of the products. This guarantee’s the quality of our products is up to the standard that customers expect when they see the Regis brand.

Number One in Service

The Regis warehouse and distribution facility maintain large stocks to ensure fulfillment levels and fast order turnaround. Regis also offers application services of product and concrete resurfacing through contractors.

Our mission is:

  • Commitment to - Quality Advice
  • Commitment to - Quality Service
  • Commitment to - Quality Product
  • Commitment to - Quality Workmanship

Number One for Real Cost Effectivity

Our diverse range of specialised building and maintenance products are made available to you through our prompt nationwide delivery service, contact us today.