Cretex SL epoxy resin

Price: $86.00 (Inc. GST and Freight)

Self Levelling Pourable Epoxy Filler

Cretex SL is a high strength, three part aggregate filled pourable epoxy resin used for crack repair and resurfacing of eroded concrete floors.

Cretex SL provides a very tough, rapid setting floor surface for high traffic areas.

Available in 2 kg (1.5litre) and 6kg (4.5litre) packs. Each pack includes Parts A, B and C.

We also have Diamond cutting wheels and Syringes in stock. These are sold separately. 

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  • Incredible adhesion to clean concrete
  • Great for re-bonding cracked concrete
  • Excellent flow and levelling
  • Chemical resistant
  • Working time approx 45 minutes @ 20 deg C 
  • Filling floor cracks, chips and holes
  • Spalled floor joints
  • Eroded concrete floor resurfacing
  • Dairy and Food industry floors
  • Setting of reinforcement rods in concrete
  • Structural concrete repairs


Can be mixed with an approved sand or gravel aggregate for larger cavities.