Floor repairs and coating

We have contractors covering most areas of New Zealand, offering concrete floor preparation, epoxy floor repairs and Epotread coating application services. We welcome your enquiry. Phone us to discuss or click the box below to request more information.   


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Diamond grinding

The ultimate method of concrete floor preparation, particularly where existing paints are flaking or the surface is oil contaminated.

Regis Coatings offer a professional diamond grinding service nationwide.


  • Levels uneven concrete panel edges
  • Removes oils, paints and glues
  • Provides a superior substrate for coating
  • Dust free when proper equipment used

Shot blasting

Badly eroded concrete floors can typically be prepared by captive shot blasting, followed by a screed of Epotread SL250 epoxy. Then once the Epotread SL250 has cured (about 3-5 days) diamond grind the complete surface and apply 3 coats of Epotread 1000. Call us for further advice.

In situations where a Rapid-Cure epoxy is required, we recommend using the Cretex SL epoxy resin, instead of Epotread SL250.

Advantages of Shot blasting:

  • Cleans out widespread small craters and hollows
  • Ensures superior adhesion by removing any loose material
  • Economical